Hop 2008 - N.S.P.C.C. 23 July 2008 Cheque Presentation


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£700 Raised For Charity At The Hop

Sally Phipps (centre) presents the Hop 2008 organisers with a certificate to thank them for supporting the NSPCC

The Hop 2008 organisers, Jaki Augustus, Tony Tutton, Steve Townsend, Dave Barber, Chris Gillies and Danny Bacon, present a cheque for £700 to the NSPCC's Sally Phipps (centre)
The Hop 2008 that was held at the Woodhall Community Centre, Mill Green Road, Welwyn Garden City on Saturday 28th June 2008 raised £700 for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

On 23 July 2008 NSPCC representative Sally Phipps drove down from the NSPCC's Milton Keynes office with her husband to accept the cheque from the Hop 2008 organising committee at the Woodhall venue.

It was back to the 60's & 70's at the Community Centre on the last Saturday of June where five excellent groups performed live. The event organised by Chris Gillies, Danny Bacon, Tony Tutton, Dave Barber, Steve Townsend and Jaki Augustus, gave locals a chance to enjoy live music in a town where it is getting harder and harder to go out to be entertained by a live band.

Dave Barber explained, "A lot of hard work went into the organising of this event and we are very grateful to all the musicians for offering their services. They all gave excellent performances. Also we thank our lighting guru Rick Fears and sound technician Tony Williams. More importantly we thank those who attended the event. Their money has gone to an excellent cause that will help our local children."

Dancers enjoying the live music at the Hop 2008
"We had psychedelic pop from HI-NUMBERS, a Cliff & The Shadows tribute from RECALL, rock from HOT MAEGUS, american pop and jive from NARK DROLL & THE SHUDDERS (who drove up from Twickenham, Middlesex) and rockin' R & B from LITTLE HENRY (who had reformed especially for the event)."

Two local 'stars' from the sixties were spotted in the audience, Kenny Plows (RGM recording artist) and Brian Sugg (RCA and Pye recording artist). They were successfully persuaded to go on stage and sung the rousing finale.

Local 60's and 70's 'Stars' Kenny Plows (RGM recording artist) and Brian Sugg (RCA and Pye recording artist) join the musicians on stage.
Little Henry bass guitarist Ian Adamson noted, "If all our plans go ok, we will put our three rehearsals (for the Hop 2008) to good use! This year could see Little Henryís first album - after a 30 year break !!!!"

For excellent advice regarding helping children and to find out how you can help the NSPCC see www.nspcc.org.uk. The NSPCC also offers Help for children via the 0800 1111 ChildLine

Jaki Augustus holds the certificate presented to the Hop from the NSPCC. The certificate now hangs in the Community Centre.
A big thank you to all who attended, performed and assisted.
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