Woodside Musicians Association Jazz Club

A look back to the 01 Sep 2003 Woodside Musicians Association Reunions at The Golden Lion, High Street, London Colney, Herts

George Wallis (drums), Colin Frechter (piano) and Bob Payne (bass) back together after 40 years. Pictured at the W.M.A. reunion on Monday 01 Sep 2003 at The Golden Lion Function Room, High Street, London Colney.

Former BBC Recording Engineer Howard Yentis pictured in the back room recording the evening's entertainment. At the BBC Howard worked with the legendary Joe Meek.

Eddie Fosterand Brian Saunders entertain on saxophones.

Some of the audience at the bar. Click here to see more pics of the audience.

Jenny Molineaux in fine vocal form.

Jenny Molineaux, Colin Frechter and Rod Alexander.

Alan Skidmore, although busy promoting his new CD, still found time to attend the reunion and to meet up with old friends.

Another pic of the house trio George Wallis (drums), Colin Frechter (piano) and Bob Payne (bass)

Last reunion Mon 13 Sep 04, The Golden Lion, High Street, London Colney, Herts 7:30 pm
Reunion Mon 23 Feb 04, included pianist Gerry Haim (who now lives in Alicante, Spain), tenor player Al Nicholls, pianists Dudley Fuller and Barry Parfitt, guitarist Nick Page,drummer Bill Chaney, alto and baritone player John Ripper and vocalist Drew Smith
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