Bumps In The Night


Bumps In The Night
Mick Salmon - lead vocals and harmonica
Brian Racher - guitar
Brian Griffiths - guitar
Barry Trevis - bass guitar and harmonica
Mick 'Cardy' Pennamacoor - drums
Tony Perry - guitar
Patrick Bowens - roadie

'Bumps in the Night' just before gig at Canning Town. L-R Mick Pennamacoor,
Brian Racher, Barry Trevis, Mick Salmon and Brian Griffiths
Bumps In The Night News From Barry Trevis
Incredible to think people are still interested in the Bumps after all these years. Glad to see that with your website the memories and even some of the bands are being kept alive to this day! The 'Bumps' were a pretty popular local R&B group in the mid-sixties with quite a few London and Home County gigs and even a gig in Mannheim, Germany, I recall. The description of 'a wild R&B group on the lines of the Pretty Things' is pretty spot-on.

We did cut a disc of our own version of Bo Diddely's "Pretty Thing" and signed up with an agency in Carnaby Street (on the same day as The Small Faces signed with them). It was not released however, the music scene changed just at that time and ultimately the band disbanded.

Since the late-Sixties I have only kept in contact with Brian Griffiths, Guitar, who lives in Market Harborough. However, Mick Salmon, the Vocalist and Harmonica player, returned from Canada some 8 years ago and made contact and the three of us met up and looked at old photos of the band over a few beers. Mick, who now lives in Stratford-on-Avon, had his 60th in June '07 and we met there, along wth Pat Bowen, the Bumps Roadie, who works in the music business and lives in London. I am still a Garden City boy, although living in Lemsford since ''76. None of us have any idea where Mick (Cardy) Pennamacoor, Drummer, or Brian Racher, Guitar, are or whether they are still alive! I have never heard of a Del Boyce. I know the band continued for a short time after I left so he may have been involved then.

There appears to be a much more recent local band that are using our name. These are not in any way connected to our band as far as I know - so there will need to be a clear distinction made on any website entry

I do have some decent B&W photos of the Bumps posing around the town for a photo shoot and a few other odd ones which I suppose would be of interest to old 'fans'. I will see about having them scanned.

Hope all this is useful



Bumps In The Night 1st gig. Barry Trevis, Mike Salmon, Brian Griffiths and Tony Perry
I also have some photos I can share, in addition to the original band I have some from the line up after Barry & Brian left, which went on for about 18 months.

I stayed on as vocalist; Pete Dines [Dino] from Hertford played Bass-later moving on to organ; Dick Wall from Ware played lead guitar and after Mick Pennamacore upset Don Arden who was our manager; we had a drummer from Hemel Hempstead whose name escapes me.

After a while we were joined by Mick Taylor [a Hatfield native] who went on to John Mayall and from there to The Stones, being recruited after Brian Jones had his last swim.

During a gig at the hop in Welwyn where we were playing on the same bill as Mayall; Pat & I actually talked John Mayall into letting Mick fill in for Eric Clapton [who was Mayall's lead at the time] as he [Clapton] had not showed up. Despite a reluctance on Mayall's part he acquiesced and six months later Mick was Mayall's lead guitarist [when Mayall got fed up with Clapton's antics-he was a different character back then]. the rest is history.

Dino ended up via various routes as a keyboard player with T. Rex and Dick Wall [who played a regular guitar left handed-i.e. upside down-being self taught] turned down the opportunity to be lead guitarist for Humble Pie. Mick Taylor always rated Dick highly.

Our last drummer from Hemel was nuts but very good-unfortunately I have no idea what happened to him. I ended up in Canada for 24 years eventually starting my own successful food business; I am running a similar operation here.
Unfortunately Dino died a few years ago; Dick to the best of my knowledge is still living in Ware and Pat is in Surrey.

We had a lot of fun back then and seeing your correspondence brought back some happy memories, as a grandfather it is nice to be remembered as part of a wild R&B band. I still have the odd crazy thought about playing one last time

Kindest regards

Mike Salmon

I remember the drummer from Hemel's name-it was Ray Cooper. Mick Taylor played with us that night as he was our guitarist; he also filled in for Clapton. Somewhere around then we changed our name to Chicken Shack - not the Chicken Shack that became semi famous and is still touring.



'Bumps in the Night' moody pose - note 'Private Eye'.
L-R Brian Racher, Barry Trevis, Mick Salmon and Brian Griffiths

Bumps Reunion Aug 2007 L-R Barry Trevis, Mick Salmon, Brian Griffiths and Patrick Bowens (Roadie)
I was glad to see Mick Salmon has been in touch with some info on The Bumps after I had moved on. All this has prompted a mini get-together of three of us for a meal next Monday in WGC. From this we may have some more historical info for you including Donovan filling in for Brian Racher when Brian had the flu at a gig at The Grammer School, WGC (a week later Donovan hit it big on Top of the Pops with 'Catch the Wind'), supporting 'Them' at the Noriek Club, Tottenham, and jamming with Rod Stewart and Long John Baldry at Eel Pie Island! We played at the 'Hop' perhaps a dozen times during that era. Bowes Lyon House in Stevenage was also a popular venue for us.

I have scanned a few 'hairy' and 'not so hairy' photos for you to use on the webpage.

Best Wishes

Barry Trevis

'Bumps in the Night' just before a gig at Canning Town L-R Mick Pennamacoor,
Brian Griffiths, Barry Trevis, Mick Salmon and Brian Racher

Welwyn Times feature-Libby Butterfield cutting Mick Salmons hair.
L-R Brian Racher, Barry Trevis, Brian Griffiths, Mick Salmon and Mick Pennamacoor

I have been fascinated reading the "Bumps" stuff on this site. I would add a little to Barry's story of Donovan Leitch filling in for Brian Racher on a gig. Actually, Donovan filled in for Brian Griffiths (yes he did have flu) and we seriously missed the steady pulse that Brian normally provided. Donovan was altogether more "folksie".

"Catch the Wind" came out that week and, having played with Donovan on the Sunday (I think) he was on Top of the Pops the following week. I never saw him again after that!

What happened to Mike Raven's involvement after I left? I did briefly have some contact but he landed a great radio job and we lost contact. He died a couple of years ago but leaves a huge legacy of artwork which he turned to after his radio worked stopped.

And who was our first manager? I think he was called Roy and he was a plummer or an electrician. He was keen but not very good.

As a matter of interest I still have the demos we made at Tony Pye's studio in Maida Vale - the 4 songs are "Pretty Thing", "Justice Must be Done"; "Good Lover" and "Walk on". They are only just audible. Maybe we can all get together round some speakers and give them one last play!

All the best to Mick, Patrick and Barry

Tony Parry

The infamous 'Bumps in the Night' Morris van

At the Peartree Boys Club, Welwyn Garden City

Mike Salmon outside Welwyn Department Store, Welwyn Garden City
Mike Raven was a DJ with radio KING and later with the BBC (Mike & Mandy Blues show). But, he saw the Bumps in one of our gigs (where we supported the "Pretty Things") and offered to get us London gigs and provide some direction. Through him we played Eel Pie Island, Club Noriek and either the Marquee or Club 100.

I clearly remember him coaching us through many rehearsals, but, like many in the music business he was maybe hoping that he might "discover" us; as it turned out I doubt we were discoverable.

Tony Parry 25/10/2009


Mike Salmon playing harmonica
All Photographs and information provided by, and copyright to Barry Trevis and Mike Salmon. Additional information provided by Tony Parry.
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