Blackwater Junction


John Collier, Johnny Goodison, Linda Clarke, Lesley Ankrah, Chris Kelly, Colin Frechter, Rod Alexander & Simon Byrne

Above, The London Palladium Programme

Colin is missing from the line up. He had already left by that point. It’s a funny thing but I think this show was probably the cause of all the problems that ultimately broke us up. No Colin, Tommy Tucker's 'Show' which put the emphasis on visuals and choreography and kind of edged us toward being a pseudo Osmonds. I mean , think about it, can you really imagine Rod doing everything short of tap dancing, kicking his legs up in the air and twirling his hat.. They made us all put our instruments down and join the line. Rod, John and I hated it. Colin must have seen it coming. We should have stayed what we were in the beginning which was a truly stunning Vocal group. When I think what we could have done with today's technology… such a waste. But then we have lost both Johnny and Linda so it would have come to an end by now anyway. We should and could have run it through the 80's though, really made a mark.

Blackwater Junction photographed kidnapping Sheffield University Rag Queen Rosemary Cordwell on 27th October 1973

It's no secret that Colin's leaving was the beginning of the end for us all. His input has never really been acknowledged. We were a product of his immense talent.
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Blackwater Junction

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