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Muffin on Granada Television's Lift-Off
Left to right Danny Bacon (dr), Mick Simmons (vx), Tony Evans (gtr), Mick Casey (gtr) and Ian Adamson (bs gtr)


Remedy Left to right Mick Casey (gtr), Dave Young (vx), Malcolm Constable (kys), Ian Adamson (bs/vx), Danny Bacon (dr/vx)

Muffin Left to right Danny Bacon (dr/vx), Mick Casey (gtr), Mick Simmons (vx), Ian Adamson (bs/vx), Tony Evans (gtr)

Photo taken at Dominic Grant's and Julia Forsyth's wedding. Left to right Malcolm Collins (gtr/vx), Brian Sugg  (bs/vx), Bruce Forsyth (bride's father), Danny Bacon (dr/vx).

Johnny B Good
Left to right John Butcher (ex Fourmost) (ld gtr/vx), Chris Giddens (gtr/vx), Danny Bacon (dr/vx), Tony Williams (bs gtr)

Chuck And The Wagons
Left to right Nick Holland (gtr/vx), Pete Sutton (gtr/vx), Danny Bacon (dr/vx), Ruth 'Ruthless' Hussey (bs/vx)

The Fly Jugband appearing at the Mayfest Rock And Blues Festival 2005
Danny Bacon (dr/vx), Steve 'Catfish' Elwin (gtr/vx)

Danny Bacon
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