Groove Shack
Mid-Herts' Finest Soul Band

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Groove Shack

Chris Hall (drums), Dave Eldred (keys), Carry (vocals), Mike Hall (bass), Tobias Thornton (sax) and Kristian Ambrose (guitar)

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This pic was taken at my wedding on October 2nd, they got a dep in but I did a couple, couldn't resist it. They were great, I was very proud of them.

17 May 2007
Grooveshack are set to support Kid Creole and the Coconuts at the Alban Arena on the 26th May 2007. This is a special tribute to the late great James Brown so should be extra funky. We have added a couple more James Brown tunes into the set especially.

Toby is back with us again as you can see, in the photo above, (click here to see pic) and Mick has added to the groove. It is sounding better than ever, so come along to one of the November gigs, it would be good to see you. Chris


Just to let you know that Grooveshack is back up and running after our terrible start to the year due unforeseen circumstances.
The new guitarist Mick is adding more GROOVE than ever to the SHACK and the last three gigs have been very successful. 2 were weddings and another at the Plough in Sleapshyde, Nr St. Albans. They have bands regularly and the land lord was so thrilled afterwards that he reckoned we were the best band he has ever had there!! They were a great crowd and it went down a storm. The weddings were very successful too and we got e-mails of satisfaction from them which is really pleasing for us.
Toby the sax player is back as well so we are up to full strength again

Our line up has changed. We have a new funky guitarist from Barnet named Mick. As a result we will be adding loads of new tunes to the set.


We have been very quiet with the changes going on with the band. We have been interrupted by xmas hols and things, and so haven't yet had a gig with the new man Mick. Kristian ended up doing a couple more gigs with us for various reasons, but the next one will be Mick's.



Mar 2005 Update

We played at a fund raising party for the Tsunami victims in St Albans on Saturday where a well dressed crowd of 200 danced their hearts out in front of us raising £2700 in the process. It was a great party atmosphere and very pleasing to think that so much cash was raised through the tickets and raffles for a good cause.


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Date Sheet

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Groove Shack is a six piece Funky/Jazzy Dance covers band. Previously known as Idaho the name changed to be more suited to the musical style. Not a Funk band as such and not a Soul band, but with a nice blend of well-known funk, soul and dance covers from the sixties to the present day.

The Music

A variety of dance music with a funky and jazzy touch. From real groovers like "Sex Machine" and "Funky Nassau", to dance classics by Sister Sledge, Donna Summer, Aretha Franklin, Tom Brown, and Jocelyn Brown. More up to date hits by Jamiroquai, Spiller, Fat Boy Slim, and Kylie Minogue plus, for those who really like to throw themselves around the B52ís "Loveshack". The set does calm down from time and as a special treat they rearranged "Tear Drops" by Womack and Womack and turned it into a lovely Ballad. There is also a superb version of "Ainít No Sunshine".

Originality is not always easy with covers but Groove Shack adds originality at every suitable opportunity. The aim is to play well-known tunes that the crowd will recognise and enjoy, but to add extra spice and flavour by doing them the ĎGroove shackí way. This means keeping the original melody or hook and either modifying the groove, adding extra energy and Funk, and/or altering the arrangement with extra instrumental and extended sections. There are also a few original tracks in the repertoire, which are only played when the audience or venue is suitable.

The Band

Carry on lead vocals. She leads on most of the tracks with an amazingly powerful and expressive voice.
Toby with various saxaphones is a major part of the sound with his amazing soloing ability and very tight riff playing.
Dave on keys, backing vocals, occasional lead vocals, and comedy, plays Rhodes, Hammonds and awesome ambient pads and sweeps with his Korg Triton.
Woody on Rhythm and Lead Guitar is a master of Funk. His tight funky style nicely locks the grooves together, but when the time comes to solo he can really make that guitar sing.

Mike is the bass man and groove master. His tight, rhythmic and melodic bass lines with their laid back and funky feel sit underneath the music to make each track really move.
Chris is the funky drummer and is heavily influenced by funk and acid jazz, also latin, calypso and reggae. He teams up with his brother Mike on bass to keep the groove rock solid and tight. After years of playing together this is a team that really works.


Back the early 90ís a funky covers band called TBO (Two Blocks Over) was gigging like crazy in the Herts, Beds, Cambs area. When the band was forced to give up after loosing two members, the vibe never died. The Brotherís Hall (drums and Bass) after playing in other bands such as the Funky Tiger Lily, and Rocket Child met up with the original members of Idaho. The addition of Toby (sax) and Dave (keys), with long histories of soul, funk and jazz playing between them, meant that the funky covers feel was back. This line up featured Sean on vocals and gigged around Herts, Beds Cambs, Essex and Oxford for 18 months. When Seanís acting career took off a new lead singer was needed. Carry then joined on lead vocals and provided the opportunity to bring a whole host of funky diva songs into the set. Some tracks do prefer male vocals and the vocal talents of Kristian Ambrose and Dave Eldred have allowed "Sex Machine", "Funky Nassau", and "Praise You" to remain in the set. Because of the big changes in vocals it was felt that a name change was needed, Groove Shack suites the bandís style and so became the new name. We have since changed guitarist as Kristian got signed with the band "Sub Pop Sunday" and so now Woody is the guitar man.


The band is self sufficient with itís own 2.4 kW P.A. featuring 16-channel Mackie mixer, EV amps and speakers plus custom Scoop bass bins for maximum quality in sound. Various mounted and floor lights plus projectors add extra atmosphere to gigs. At no extra cost we can put music on between sets or when ever required using pre-mixed cd's to keep the party grooving.  


Song List:
Le Freak - Chic
Hot Stuff - Donna Summer
Groove Is In The Heart - Deelite
Pick Up The Pieces - Average White Band
Bad Girls - Donna Summer
Heís The Greatest Dancer - Sister Sledge
Somebody Elseís Guy - Jocelyn Brown
Space Cowboy - Jamiroquai
Lady Marmalade - LaBelle
Canít Get You Out Of My Head - Kylie Minogue
Respect - Aretha Franklin
Son Of A Preacher Man - Dusty Springfield
Groove Jet (If This Ain't Love) - Spiller
I Feel Good - James Brown
Funkin' For Jamaica - Tom Browne
Loveshack - B52ís
Midnight Hour - Wilson Picket
Ainít No Sunshine - Bill Withers
Play That Funky Music - Wild Cherry
Papaís Got A Brand New Bag - James Brown
Sex Machine - James Brown
Summertime - Gershwin
Funky Stuff - Kool and the Gang
I Try - Macy Gray
Teardrops - Womack and Womack
Best Of My Love - Emotions
Moving Too Fast - Artfull Dodger
Not That Kind - Anastacia
Walking On Sunshine - Katrina and The Waves
Funky Nassau - The Beginning Of The End
Praise You - Fat Boy Slim
Knock On Wood - Amii Stewart
Evolution - Roy Ayres
Groove Shack Theme - Groove Shack
Expansions - Lonnie Liston Smith
Funky Good Time - Brand New Heavies

Plus For Weddings:
Hound Dog - Elvis Presley
Great Balls Of Fire - Jerry Lee Lewis
Letís Stick Together - Bryan Ferry
Mustang Sally - Wilson Pickett
Shake Your Tail Feather - Ray Charles
Treat Her Right - Commitments


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01582 871164

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