The Hop Reunion Saturday 16th June 2007


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The Big Hop Reunion Event
What a wonderful afternoon and evening !! The fashion show went very well and looked very professional. Congratulations Jo Stephen, Conkie Barker and Karen Casey (the girls hair stylist). The girls looked relaxed and clearly enjoyed participating. Thank you girls. Teen band Road Runner (ft James Bay) gave a very good performance. Thank you lads. Also a big thank you to Rick Fears, Glyn Day (Stage manager), Steve Porter, The Whitwell Players Drama Group 'Riggers', Paul & Sue Lewis (Bar team extraordinaire), Harry Howden and Lee Gardner at Optikinetics, Luton, who helped us with 2 projectors and 60's liquid oil wheels. What superlative can I use for the evening concert ? Fantastic ? Incredible ? Wonderful ? Just amazing performances from all five bands, Hi-Numbers, BlueNotes, Herbal Remedy, Recall and Trekkas. Even more unbelievable to consider that Herbal Remedy hadn't played together for over 35 years and BlueNotes and Trekkas hadn't performed together for over 40 years !!! Final thank you's to our special guest, Roger LaVern and our compare George Gilmour. Scotsman George bravely appeared without a translator and without subtitles !! A day to remember for a long time !! The Hop has returned to Welwyn Garden City !!
The next Hop will be Saturday 28 June 2008.

The Minis that were an important part of the cavalcade. Photo Tony Lammiman

The Scooters and Minis that brought Welwyn Garden City to a standstill as the cavalcade drove through the town. Photo Tony Lammiman

More gleaming scooters. Even heavy rain didn't stop the cavalcade !! Photo Tony Lammiman

The stage begins to take shape. The lighting gantry and the stage extension are in position and the tabs are being hung. Photo Glen Downer

Hank (Chris Gillies) and Cliff (Tony Tutton) rehearse. Photo Glen Downer

Drummers Danny Bacon, Trevor Lockwood and Steve Townsend decide to set up the larger Yamaha drum kit on the right of the stage and the smaller Ludwig kit on the left. Photo Glen Downer

BlueNotes photographed while sound checking. Photo Glen Downer

Trekkas photographed during their sound check. Photo Amanda Day

BlueNotes pictured giving a fantastic performance. Left to right Don Fowler, Trevor Lockwood, Bob Downer, Rob Saunders and Dave Barber. Photo Glen Downer

Herbal Remedy gave a stunning performance. Left to right Danny Bacon, Steve Townsend (hidden), Ian Adamson, Dave Young and Mike Irving. Photo Hazel Adamson

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Comments About The Hop Reunion

Dear Jo, I am speechless in my admiration of yourself and your team of models, designers, stylists and dressers. The fashion show was the perfect introduction to a stupendous day and really set the mood for the 60’s reunion. Between us we managed to raise well over £1000 for charity. We have decided to repeat the exercise again next year….if matron allows the musicians out of the nursing home for the day! A couple of women who had been ‘mods’ in the 60’s and regulars at the Hop commented afterwards that the girls’ designs had captured to perfection the optimism and vitality of the times. "You can keep the boys with their toys - the scooters and guitars", one woman said. "The highlight was without any doubt the fashion show. To see 16 year olds wearing the kind of clothes that I wore when I was 16 was a real nostalgia trip!" She added that she was tempted to dig out her own mini skirt again. Please pass our sincere thanks on to everyone concerned – for their enthusiasm, their creativity and their sense of fun. The Hop Reunion was very very lucky to have you all taking part. Martyn Day 20 Jun 2007

To all, What a great night! I really enjoyed it and was so glad to be part of it. Everyone worked so hard to bring it all together and the end result was that the evening ran like clockwork, there was a good range of different musical styles, and the audience loved it. The hard work put in by a nucleus of the people involved was amazing and the success of the evening was overwhelmingly down to their contribution. We must all keep in contact and start thinking about next year. Finally I must thank Danny Bacon and Herbal Remedy for letting me have my half- hour of mayhem – I wouldn’t have missed it for anything. I am on holiday on the 25th so have a good debrief, and see you all around. Steve Townsend 19 Jun 2007

Hi Dave - Billy is still talking about it - we really had a ball. I still cant get over the fact that it felt like we were there last week - not 40 years ago. take care Christine McDonald 19 Jun 2007

What a great event it was. Thank you for working so hard to get it together. Dave really enjoyed performing with Herbal Remedy. I really enjoyed meeting up with many "old" friends. We thought the whole event was a great success. Let us know how much was raised for charity. Will there be anything in the Welwyn Times this week? Sue Young Yes, there is. Click here for the WH Times article 19 Jun 2007

Hi Dave, A big well done to every single person involved. It was indeed a night to remember - I could do with a whole evening of "Finale`s" !!
Tony Tutton 18 Jun 2007

Dave, It was a real pleasure to have you onboard for the night. Many thanks again for the use of your guitars and all the help you gave. Its going to take a while to come back down to earth after such a fabulous time....cheers Don Fowler 18 Jun 2007

I'd raise a glass to that. Driving around the darkened lanes of Surrey in the early hours of Sunday morning returning projectors, screens and the like I started thinking of all those hundreds of thousands of people just like us who were in 'beat groups' in the 60's but have since given it up, trading guitars and amps for lawn mowers and mortgages. How they must envy us now, we lucky few who on Saturday night were able to experience once again the excitement of what it was like to be young and alive in that most marvellous of decades. Were we any good? I don't know. Was it fun? Yes, it most certainly was!
On behalf of the Trekkas with heartfelt thanks to everyone who made the Hop Time Machine work, both back in the 1960's and now, 40 odd years on. I wonder if Seth Rees knew what he started! Martyn Day 18 Jun 2007

Don't forget Glyn Day's slick, and on time, stage management, with no handbags at thirty paces by any of the bands! Plus our compare, George Gilmour ! I've had so many calls and messages since Saturday. It really did work, it was a party atmosphere and people came to enjoy themselves, not to be entertained. The bar queue was relaxed, and everybody had a brilliant time. Geoff Rees 18 Jun 2007

You all thought the e-mails would stop, but NOT SO. I’d like to personally thank all the bands for entertaining me so brilliantly on Saturday night – I haven’t enjoyed an event I’ve lit that much for a long time. Rick Fears 18 Jun 2007

Cheers Dave, Fantastic night, thoroughly enjoyed it, it all went too quickly though. No sooner had we got on stage, it was time to leave. Great audience reaction, a good night all round, Well done. No doubt there will be a lot more photos and videos to come. Ian Adamson 17 Jun 2007

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