The Hop Reunion Saturday 16th June 2007


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BlueNotes play to a packed audience. Photo Christine McDonald

Special guest Roger LaVern. Roger was organist on "Telstar", the first record by a British group to top the USA charts. Photo Christine McDonald

Nicole, Roger LaVern and Maria. Photo Christine McDonald

A view from outside the main hall. On stage Recall  Photo Christine McDonald

Recall stun the audience with an authentic, rockin', Cliff and The Shadows set. Photo Christine McDonald

Dave Barber with his father Dennis Barber. Photo Christine McDonald

Trekkas perform on stage while some of the audience get some fresh air and other's have a cigarette. Photo Christine McDonald

A section of the packed audience. Photo Christine McDonald

Another photograph of some of the audience. Photo Peter Crawley

The Finale - Chris Gillies, Colin Faye and Tony Tutton. Photo Billy McDonald

Ian Adamson, Jaki Augustus, Dave Young and Bob Downer. Photo Billy McDonald
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