Marie Lipstadt-Pinhas' Story - Family Photos

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To view Channel 8 TV News video footage of Marie's story aired on 25 & 26 Aug 2010 see A Soldier and the Dress Part 1 and A Soldier and the Dress Part 2.

Marie, 13 1/2 years old, before her arrest in 1944
Marie, 13 1/2 ans, peu avant son arrestation, en juillet 1944

I am a 'Mensh' (stand up person) and happy with my dear family 2006
Je suis 'Mensh' est heureuse avec ma chere famille, en 2006

Marie (14 years old), 3rd left seated, after her liberation on July 1945 (you see her short hair)
Marie (14 ans), 3eme de la gauche assise, apres sa liberation, en juillet 1945 (remarquez ses cheveux courts)

Our 3 grand daughters. From left, Isabelle (28), Maira (23), Salome (20), Bernard and Marie
Nos 3 petites-filles; de la gauche, Isabelle (28), Maira (23), Salome (20), Bernard et Marie

Marie with her mother and father in 1941
Marie avec sa mere et son pere, en 1941
Marie in 1941
Marie en 1941

July a few days before being arrested
Juillet quelques jours avant son arrestation

Holiday at the beach in 1964, Marie, Bernard, Viviane et Nadine
Vacances a la plage 1964, Marie, Bernard, Viviane et Nadine

40th birthday of Viviane (2nd left)
40eme anniversaire de Viviane, 2eme a gauche

September 1994, Mardasson (Bastogne) a marvellous meeting with the Gudbrandsen's from Lake Forest, Illinois. From right to left, Bernard, Chuck Gudbrandsen, Peggy Gudbrandsen, Marie and their daughter
Septembre 1994, Mardasson (Bastogne) une réunion merveilleuse avec les Gudbrandsen de Lake Forest, Illinois. De la droite, Bernard, Chuck Gudbrandsen, Peggy Gudbrandsen, Marie et leurs filles

Our daughters; Nadine (55) left, Viviane (53) right
Nos filles; Nadine 55 ans a gauche, Viviane 53 ans a droite

All our family; 2 daughters, 3 grand-children, 2 son-in-laws and us, July 2010
Toute notre famille; nos 2 filles, nos 3 petites-filles, 2 gendres et nous, juillet 2010

Marie Lipstadt-Pinhas and her husband, Bernard - 13 Jun 2010 Skype image
Marie Lipstadt-Pinhas, avec son mari, Bernard, le 13 juin 2010 - photo prise par Skype

Click here to read the Fort McCoy, Wisconsin USA 25 Jun 2010 News article

Translation Of "My First Dress" Published In Daily Newspaper "La Libre Belgique" 10th Sep 1969

This letter is probably the most emotional that we have received. We publish it in full.

27th April 1945. The cannons thundered the whole night and it was early in the morning that American troops liberated our concentration camp near the village of Tuerckheim, in Bavaria. No outburst surely, in enemy country, but for us, the final certitude to be free and alive. Only fourteen years old and already for me to be aware of all human cruelty - I should say inhuman cruelty, against us.

A little lost, naturally - what to do with this new freedom? - I walked in to Tuerckheim, looking for somebody friendly, when a G.I., very tall, addressed me sharply. I didn't understand English, so I showed him my forearm on which he could clearly see my tattooed concentration camp registration number.

Then, very simply, without comment, he took my hand and led me into a well stocked clothes shop on the village place. Standing me in front of a mirror, the G.I. gave me one dress after another, one too long, the other ugly. I was very moved with gratitude for this man, who during this terrible war, was concerned enough to want to find a nice dress for a young girl, who was wearing rags after being liberated from concentration camp.

We took a dress, without paying, while the shop keeper looked at us in a hostile manner. The soldier was apparently very satisfied to see that I was now nicely dressed. With a strong voice he said, "Bye bye", leaving me and walking off into the distance.

I don't remember his face, but in my mind is imprinted the memory of this soldier who gave me back the appearance of a free girl.

If he is still alive - and I hope it so much - I would like him to know that I often think about him, and it would be marvellous if he could recognise himself in this story.

Mrs. Marie Lipstadt-Pinhas, Brussels, Belgium.
Liberated from Turkheim (Dachau) concentration camp on 27th April 1945 by the 7th U.S. Army, 10th Armored Division.

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