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Friday 15 June 2007 The BlueNotes, back together for the first time in over 40 years. Left to right, Bob Downer, Rob Saunders, Trevor Lockwood and Don Fowler. Don travelled from Denmark to attend while Rob travelled from Ho Chi Mhin City, Vietnam to attend !! Sadly Chris Blight died at a very young age.

The BlueNotes in 1964. Bob Downer, Rob Saunders, Chris Blight, Don Fowler (rear) and Trevor Lockwood (front) This is the only photograph of all the five original BlueNotes that exists. It was taken outside the Ludwick Club, Welwyn Garden City. Douglas Tilby House now occupies this portion of land.

BlueNotes at their sound check at the Hop Reunion. Don, Trevor, Bob and Rob

The scooters take pride of place as Don, Trevor, Bob and Rob sound check

Don plays a Gibson SG through a Fender amp as Trevor beats out the tempo on a Ludwig drum kit

Bob strums the chords on a Fender Telecaster

Rob adds the bottom line on a Fender Precision

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| Long & Short Arm Photos | June Rehearsal Photos | Hop Reunion |

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