Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat 40th Anniversary Reunion


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Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat was first performed on Friday 1st March 1968 at Colet Court School, Hammersmith, London as an end of term cantata for the choir to perform with singer / guitarist David Daltrey and four piece group "The Mixed Bag". Tim Rice, Andrew Lloyd Webber, David Daltrey (The 1st person ever to play Joseph), The Mixed Bag, Ian Hunter and a member from the Colet Court Choir attended this special 40th Anniversary reunion on Saturday 1st March 2008 at the Adelphi Theatre, Strand, London.

Mixed Bag's Bryan Watson remembers, "The Mixed Bag were part of Joseph from the very beginning, we helped Tim and Andrew put the first version together, there was no drum music, I worked it out with Andrew and I noticed that some of those original drum patterns are still in the show today. The very first rehearsals took place in my parents front room in Potters Bar and we did perform the very first performance at Colet Court School, that's where Decca first saw it and decided to record it."

All four members of "The Mixed Bag" back together after nearly 40 years. Left to right John Cook (organ/vocals), Malcolm Parry (bass/vocals), Terry Saunders (guitar/vocals) & Bryan Watson (drums) photographed in the Adelphi Theatre bar before the start of the current Joseph Show.
For details about the original 1968 Decca 'Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat' album click here.

Malcolm Parry, John Cook, Tim Rice, Terry Saunders & Bryan Watson

Left to right; Andrew Lloyd Webber, Malcolm Parry and David Daltrey (The first person ever to play Joseph) enjoy a conversation together during the show's interval

The girls enjoy a glass of champagne 

Ian Hunter was in the original 1968 Joseph orchestra.
For details about the original 1968 Decca 'Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat' album click here.

The original members of the 1968 Joseph cast are introduced to the audience and 2008 show cast. Left to right; Andrew Lloyd Webber (in pink shirt), Lee Mead (current Joseph), David Daltrey (original Joseph), Tim Rice (with microphone), "The Mixed Bag" members: Malcolm Parry (with hands in pocket), Bryan Watson, John Cook, Terry Saunders (wearing a tie); Ian Hunter and former Colet school Choir member.
For more details about the original 1968 'Joseph' show click here

Left to right: Bryan Watson, 1968 Joseph choir member, Malcolm Parry, David Daltrey, Tim Rice, Jenna Lee James, Terry Saunders and John Cook
Photo kindly provided by Jenna Lee James. Jenna plays the part of the Narrator in the current production of Joseph.
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Tim Rice, Stephen Tate (Jacob/Potiphar/Guru), Jenna Lee James (Narrator) and Lee Mead (Joseph). Photo kindly provided by Jenna Lee James.

Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat 40th Reunion

The Joseph re-union was the highlight of a very pleasant day for my wife and myself.

After a larger than usual breakfast we caught the train into town and went shopping along Oxford Street and Saftesbury Avenue. After walking down to Trafalgar Square we went to see the amazing original John Constable paintings in The National Gallery. Also impressive were the Rubens paintings.

After a burger and a salad at MacDo in the Stand, a walk over Hungerford 'Wibbley Wobbley' Bridge, we went back up to The Adelphi Theatre and waited in the foyer, behind the red rope where the other show goers waited. We were later joined by all four members of "The Mixed Bag". As all the other theatre goers looked on, wondering, 'Are these people famous ? Who are they ?', we were taken to the bar at the front of the theatre to enjoy a champagne reception with Tim Rice and be given our tickets plus a 'Joseph Goodie Bag' containing the Show Programme, Souvenir Book and CD . Boy, it definitely was good champagne !! Time for catching up on old times and a few photographs.

The 'Joseph' show was very good. Nicole and I sat next to (Mixed Bag guitarist) Terry Saunders' two sons in row K just 11 rows back from the stage. The colourful show contained a lot of dancing, singing and humour. The pretty female narrator with lovely legs, Jenna Lee-James stole the show for me. She danced well, acted well, sang well and was simply . . . . . well . . . . ummmm . . . . . gorgeous !! Lee Mead as Joseph was clearly the audience's favourite, though. He did act, dance and sing well, but Jenna definitely had the loveliest legs.

Act One of the show finished with Joseph being thrown in prison. Would he escape? We would have to wait for Act Two to find out.

During the interval we rejoined Tim Rice for more champagne, and were joined by Andrew Lloyd Webber, both of them speaking to as many in the small bar as they could. I had taken along with me a copy of the 1984 book "Andrew Lloyd Webber - A Biography" and Andrew happily signed it for me. He said that he hasn't read any of the biographies about himself. Referring to my book he commented, "this one is special as I found out from the book's author, Gerald McKnight, that Beethoven was deaf." Andrew now looks at Beethoven's later works in a different light.

I told him about the time my friend Colin Frechter was in the Abbey Road cafeteria with Tim Rice and they were greeted by "Hello Tim. Hello Andrew. Are you both okay?" Andrew smiled, and, referring to Colin humorously replied, "The poor fellow !"

Tim Rice informed us that he had a special seat. We were expecting him to say, 'in one of the boxes'. Instead he said with a large smile, "In the back of the theatre at the sound desk"

Just time for a few more photographs and then we were asked to take our seats for Act Two. With much singing and dancing Joseph's situation is reversed and he now becomes the hero. He is even reunited with his family !!

As the actors conclude their final scene and as the wild applause started to die down, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Tim Rice and the original 1968 'Joseph' cast walked onto the stage to renewed energetic applause from the auditorium audience. This applause was joined by loud applause from the cast members. This was a surprise for the cast as well.

Tim explained that it was 40 years ago on this very day, Friday 1st March 1968 at Colet Court School, Hammersmith, London, 'Joseph' was performed for the very first time, as an end of term cantata for the choir to perform along with singer/guitarist David Daltrey, the group "The Mixed Bag " and Tim Rice playing the part of Pharaoh.

"Here are the members of the 1968 cast !" exclaimed Tim. In turn, each cast member was introduced to the audience; David Daltrey (Joseph), Malcolm Parry (Mixed Bag bass guitarist), Bryan Watson (Mixed Bag drummer), John Cook (Mixed Bag organist), Terry Saunders (Mixed Bag guitarist), Ian Taylor (1968 'Joseph' orchestra musician) and one member of the 1968 'Joseph' choir. Rapturous applause greeted each 1968 'Joseph' veteran.

The show came to an end. It had been a wonderful, enjoyable show. Now it was time to return back home.

Dave Barber 04 Mar 2008

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