Tim Rice & Andrew Lloyd Webber's Joseph & The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat


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The sleeve of the original 1968 Joseph album that was released in January 1969 on Decca records SKL 4973

The original 1968 Joseph album back cover.

Album Track Listing
Side 1
01 “Way way back” (Terry Saunders)
02 “Jacob chorus” (Terry Saunders, Malcolm Parry and probably John Cook)
03 “Favourite son” (David Daltrey)
04 “Josephs Coat” (Colet Court Choir)
05 “I dreamed” (David Daltrey)
06 “The dreams were more than” (Malcolm Parry)
07 “Next day” (Tim Rice, organ breaks - John Cook, Guitar breaks - David Daltrey)
08 “Poor poor Jacob” (Colet Court Choir)
09 “Joseph was taken” (Colet Court Choir, Guitar breaks David Daltrey)
10 “Potiphar” (Lead vocal Malcolm Parry; backing, John Cook & Terry Saunders)
We later re-recorded this song and it was released as a single by The Mixed Bag on Decca F 12880.
11 “Suddenly they heard” (Malcolm Parry & Joseph response using recording trickery.)
12 “Poor poor Joseph” (Colet Court Choir)
13 “Close Every Door” (Lead David Daltrey; Backing, Terry Saunders, Malcolm Parry, John Cook; Hammond Organ, Dr. William S. Lloyd Webber)
Side Two.
01 “Joseph’s luck” (Malcolm Parry, backing vocals Terry Saunders, John Cook; 'yea hare' on 'go go go Joseph' John Cook)
02 “Meanwhile in his bed” (David Daltrey)
03 “Poor poor pharaoh” (Colet Court Choir)
04 “Chained and bound” (Malcolm Parry)
05 “I was wandering” (Tim Rice; Bup shwady etc. Terry Saunders, Malcolm Parry, John Cook; bass voices Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim Rice)
06 “Seven years” (David Daltrey)
07 “Pharaoh thought well stone” (Terry Saunders; backing Malcolm Parry, John Cook)
08 “Back in Canaan” (Malcolm Parry; 'No no no' Everybody)
09 “Stop” (David Daltrey)
10 “Who’s the thief” (Colet Court Choir)
11 “Is it” (Tim Rice; 'Yes yes yes' Colet Court Choir)
12 “Benjamin” (David Daltrey)
13 “Show him some” (Colet Court Choir)
14 “And Joseph knew” (David Daltrey)
15 “Joseph Joseph” (Everybody)
16 “So Jacob” (Malcolm Parry; backing Terry Saunders & John Cook)
17 “I closed my eyes” (David Daltrey)
18 “Give me” (Everybody)

Terry Saunders advises that Amazon have downloads from the "original" Joseph album. Incorrectly titled but you can not expect everything! Click Here to go to Amazon. Regards Terry

The main recording with the orchestra was done in one day at Decca Studio One, in London,
using an 8 Track recorder, one of the first in England.
Vocals were recorded over 2 or 3 night sessions over the next 2 or 3 weeks.
Information and Track Listing kindly provided by Terry Saunders, 7th October 2007.

The Mixed Bag recording at Decca studio, London; John Cook (organ), Malcolm Parry (bass), Terry Saunders (guitar) and Bryan Watson (drums)

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Advertisement for the Joseph album that appeared in the music press

This write up by Derek Jewell, that appeared in the Sunday Times newspaper, helped to open many doors for Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber

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