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From: Simon Byrne
Date: 18 Dec 06 22:47:57

Hi Dave, this is Simon Byrne here; I am on Vancouver Island in Canada. You helped put me back in touch with Colin Frechter this summer. Anyway I was just trawling through some stuff in Wikipedia and came across a reference to Clem Cattini's no 1 singles. At number 40 was 'Save your kisses for me" by Brotherhood of Man. This is wrong. I was the drummer on that session, which included Colin by the way. This was actually (and ok sadly) the biggest selling recording I ever played on, to have it credited to Clem made me throw my rattle out of my cot in a spat of arrogant pique. I tried to edit it out. Its still there and I know I donít have the tech savvy to delete it, which made me climb out of my cot and stamp on the afore mentioned rattle and crush it into a thousand pieces. Now I donít have a rattle. If you have the power to correct this I would really appreciate it.

In the grand view of life's many injustices this is a micro dot on anyone's landscape, but credit where credits due is a timeless piece of wisdom that was drilled into me long long ago. I have two claims to fame Dave; one is that I still haven't seen The Sound of Music and the other is that I was that drummer, both have such a wonderfully naff ring to them that I feel I need to protect their integrity and defend their honour.

Best regards for Christmas and the New Year


From:  Sent: Friday, December 22, 2006 3:21 AM
To: Subject: Re: How good are your memories guys!!!
Hi Simon
It's Lee Sheriden here. How great to hear from you. Of course you played drums on "Save your Kisses for me". Clem is a lovely lovely man and I am proud to say he played for us many times including "Save your kisses" but you were and still are the drummer on the master track. Alan Johnson played guitar and the keyboard player from Alan's band Ollie (can't remember his surname but I will find out if you need it) played piano. Rob (forgotten his surname too!) was on bass. Colin did not play piano on the track. If you remember, I did the arrangements in those days, not Colin Frechter, so Colin was not involved.

Do please pass on my email address to anyone who would like me to confirm this as we must make sure you get your just desserts. You come up in conversation lots and we would love to see you again if ever you come back to the UK for a visit. All our dates are on the website which I look after so please email any of us at any time. We all still enjoy gigging very much and we have never been happier. We do a 2 hour 70s Show which is great fun and we are just starting to work the slightly larger theatres with Bucks Fizz as well. We have 3 months off per year and try not to take more than 50 gigs per year and it works very well indeed.

Do please keep an eye on our website ( which is constantly updated and THANK YOU Simon for helping us so much all those years ago and for your excellent drumming on "Save your Kisses for me"!!!!
Best wishes

From: Glyn Stableford
Subject: 'Everlasting Love' - The Love Affair
Hi Clem, Hi MD Robins
My son Henry (Russ's grandson) found this site and the reference to my Dad and Everlasting Love, what a surprise to find a site mentioning Russ Stableford and the infamous bass intro. It is so distinctive and every time we hear those first few bars I immediately know and smile...that's my Dad!!
Anyway to the question regarding the Bass, Clem is quite right my Dad only played Fenders, we still have all three, Jazz, a Precision and a Fretless Fender that belonged to a guy that was in the early days of the Shadows who was unfortunately electrocuted, Dad ended up buying the Bass from his widow. I know that Dad did tinker quite a bit with strings and dampers and pickups to try and get the right sound or a unique sound, which he clearly achieved. Like Clem I couldn't say for sure or with any certainty which of his instruments he used on "Everlasting Love".
By the way Clem you may or may not remember we met on a session once when I went with my Dad can't remember what the gig was but we met again at The Selsdon Park Hotel on a Tornados tour or reunion gig, I was with my Mum (Dad's widow Lilian).
Thanks for bringing back fond memories and for speaking so warmly of my Dad's undoubted talent... wishing you both well.
Kind regards
Glyn Stableford & my son Henry Stableford

From: STEPHEN TOWNSEND     Date: Fri, 5 May 2006 22:16:50 +0100

Subject: visitors messages - 60s local music scene

I played drums for We Shake Milk, Twilly, Wat Tyler and others your site brings back all sorts of memories. I also played in The Trekkas for a short time, with Martin Day, and I remember Bob Downer playing with Gary Peters and Dek Boyce in Southdown Jeremy.
On the subject of local live music, my present band This Pristine Rebellion Ė is very much alive, kicking Ė and LOUD Ė and you can catch us at The Red Lion, Stevenage, on Thursday, 22 June 2006 supported by Colchesterís finest One Louder.
If you want a foretaste, go to
Lots of memories to share with anyone who will listen.
Keep it going,
Steve Townsend, Herts

From: Eileen   Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006 12:54:41 +0100
The Breaks in Hatfield

Hello Coda
Don't ask me what made me think of the Breaks today, must have been a nostalgia trip to those halcyon days of youth. I do not have any photos but used to attend regularly when I was about 15 (1962). I remember the Swinging Blue Jeans, Johnny Kid and the Pirates, and many more.
Thank you for the memories, I enjoyed your photos!
Eileen, Costa Blanca, Spain

From: signed md.robbins   Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2006 21:17:25 +0000
Subject: A real long shot question re Clem and 'Everlasting Love'

And this is a real long shot!
Knowing that Clem Cattini played on so many sessions, I know asking about details like this is pretty absurd, but I despair of ever discovering this info, so here goes - this Love Affair track apparently also featured Russ Stableford [rather than the usually credited Herbie Flowers] playing the wonderful bass part. Apart from the genuinely awesome tightness of the drums/bass gtr interaction, the sound of the bass gtr is so distinctive - it sounds like it has a string dampener on it [rather than hand dampening], but back then, to the best of my knowledge, only Rickenbacker basses had this feature but weren't that popularly used. Given that it would have been so relatively distinctive at the time, does Clem recall if Russ did in fact use a Rickenbacker bass generally [or on the session] as opposed to the 'usual' Fender Jazz or Precision?
Anything Clem might recall about Russ would be so appreciated - I assume they must have shared a few sessions - since there's so little info on the man's session playing and that bass sound on 'Everlasting Love' still sounds downright thrilling.
MD. [Yeah, I'm a bass player..]
Reply From Clem Cattini
Sent: Monday, February 20, 2006 9:38 AM
Subject: Re: A real long shot question re Clem and 'Everlasting Love'

Hi dave
Yes it was Russ on bass and he did not use a rickenbacker he always used a fender, which one I don't know
Regards Clem

From: Charles Rockford   Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2006 20:45
Subject: Tim Rose/ Tim Rose Autism House

I came across this site while doing some research for the new web site for The Tim Rose Autism House, a nonprofit now forming and named after Tim Rose.  Clem Cattini recorded with him.
Anyone interested in being on our mailing list or information can reach me at...
Charley Rockford, Jersey City, New Jersey

Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2005 13:46:59 +0100 (CET)
Subject: message for Roger LaVern

Thanks for your great web site, especially thanks for Roger LaVern site, because I am huge fan of Tornados- if you can let him know, I have ask on him - I have on great Tornados unreleased track called "Pandora's box" - I really love this, it is my best Tornados song, but I have it only in very poor quality, it sounds it was recorded from poor quality cassette. Can you give me Roger more information about when it was recorded, where, why it was not released and if exist better quality of this song and if it will be released in future or if you can help me to get this one from him?
Thanks for your help and sorry for my bad english, I am from Czech.
Thanks, bye for now
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2006 16:38 Welwyn Garden City
Reply from Roger LaVern

With reference to "Pandora's Box "
It was written by Alan Caddy and recorded at IBC Studios, Portland Place, London W1 in 1965
The session was organised and paid for by Roger LaVern.
Alan Caddy took the master tape of the song from IBC Studios and naughtily sold the song to "The Ventures". No one appears to know exactly where that master tape is now.
Will The Tornados version of this track ever be released?
Roger believes that it has turned up on a Joe Meek Rarity album.

Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2006 14:56:40 -0000

Thank you for the website and for reminding me that once - a long long time ago and probably in another galaxy - I used to play in and around Welwyn Garden City with The Trekkas. It may have been over 40 years ago but I can still remember - just- what it was like to be young and single and in a band in that fantastic decade.
Martyn Day, Rhythm Guitarist - The Trekkas
P.S. One little note for the Bowes Lyon Gig list. We played there on the 17th June 1965 supporting The Who. After teaching them everything we knew we blow them off the stage!
P.P.S. I'm living in Twickenham and still playing, this time the squeeze box with a cajun band. We played at Glastonbury a couple of years ago
Sent: Saturday, October 01, 2005 10:13 PM
Subject: clem cattini question

Hi, I was hoping you could help. I run the website for the pop group CHRISTIE:††
Clem Cattini played most of the songs on Christie's first album, with the rest played by ex-Zombies drummer Hugh Grundy. Clem also featured on Christie's two biggest hits.†
Would you be able to ask Clem to put together a few words about that recording session for the Christie site? I have e-mailed Clem previously but have not had a reply.
If you do manage to get in touch with Clem, please also pass on best wishes from Christie leader Jeff Christie, who lives in Leeds.†
Best wishes†
Ray Chan, Australia
Sent: Thursday, September 22, 2005 8:25 AM Subject: Tornados Vocal Songs

Hi there,
I was just wondering, of the few songs that the Tornados recorded with vocals, Blue Moon of Kentucky, Long Tall Sally, Ready Teddy and My Babe, who is singing on them?  I've read once that it was George Bellamy and on another occasion that Alan Caddy sang them.  Could you please clear up the matter for me.
Thank you,
Sarah J.
Reply From Roger LaVern and Clem Cattini

The Tornados vocalists are
Brian Greg, George Bellamy and Clem Cattini

Sent: Wednesday, August 17, 2005 7:21 PM
Subject: greetings from zaragoza of spain
gabriel villuendas fans of music Zaragoza Spain

Sent: Friday, May 06, 2005 12:56 AM

Subject: Hi From New Jersey
Hello, I'm Peter Wright I was researching some info involving Clem Cattini when I stumbled on your website. As I worked at EMI Music from 1972 to 1997 I was saddened to hear of Bob Barrett's passing. I also worked closely with Peter Vince in the early eighties (along with Peter Mew and, of course, Mike Gray and Ken Townsend) when EMI decided (too late, natch) to get involved with CD's.
Can I ask a question for Clem Cattini? Who played lead guitar on Donovan's "Hurdy Gurdy Man"?  Thank you!
All the best, Pete.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Sent: Sun, 8 May 2005 08:51:50 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: Hi Dave

Funny I should be asked about "Hurdy Gurdy Man". I spoke to John Paul Jones who played bass on it and was the MD. The guitar player was Alan Parker. American Web sites say that John Bonham and Jimmy Page played on it. This is absolute Bullshit as JPJ said. This is the e-mail sent BY JPJ.

I have been contacted by Clem Cattini with regard to Donovan's Hurdy Gurdy Man
I would like to confirm that the musicians on the record were as follows
Donovan Accoustic Guitar
John Paul Jones Arrangement/Musical Director and Bass Guitar
Alan Parker Lead (electric) Guitar
Clem Cattini Drums

No other musicians were involved in this session
The session was produced by Mickie Most and engineered by Eddie Kramer.
John Paul Jones
London 05/2005

Cheers Dave speak soon. Regards

Sent: Wednesday, August 18, 2004 4:57 AM

Subject: music scene in stevenage


where the hell can you find any decent music in stevenage, and i dont mean 14 yr old wannabe shite, or over the hill ska funk bollocks, but real raw in yer face ROCK ?????

Lynn Cropley Stevenage, Herts

Sent: Saturday, August 28, 2004 10:21 AM
Subject: Re: music scene in stevenage

Hi Lynn

Sadly less and less venues are having live music.

The Red Lion in Stevenage Old town still supports live rock bands at weekends.
I think that Spooky Slim are there, either tonight, or tomorrow

Other Web sites that cover local gigs are

So when there are no bands gigging locally, playing the music we like, it's often a case of listening to a band that doesn't quite play the music we want to hear, or travelling out of town.

Keep supporting live music. If we don't, more local venues will stop having live bands.

Dave Barber, coda
Monday, August 23, 2004 3:46 AM
Subject: Re Where is all the music?

Hi Dave,

My real gripe is that there is probably loads of brilliant music, but unless you are psychic you have very little chance of finding out. Apart from the Comet (which is a bit hit and miss), there is hardly any advertising/promoting of bands/venues. Is this because the venues think the bands should do it or the bands think the venues should do it, so nobody does it? There are a group of us that love travelling around to see bands, but we end up either not bothering because we have no idea who is on where, or spending ages phoning all the likely venues to find out who is on. In Cambridge, there is a 'What's on where' guide which can be found in every pub/club etc which lists all the entertainment lined up for the next 2 months in that area, its free, provided by the council, and might explain why their music pubs have larger and more enthusiastic audiences, who can seek out the kind of music they are into. In Northants they have Barnstormer, same thing, provided privately by the venues themselves, paid for by advertising. Sorry to moan, but I find it so disheartening when I have accidentally stumbled across a cracking band, only to watch them struggle with an audience of 5. Well, there we are, gripe over, you can print this if you like!
Cheers, Lynn.

Stevenage, Herts
Sent: 03 August 2004 13:44
Subject: Re Coda Website 60's Music Scene

Dear Coda

I accidentally got into the web site and I saw Woodhall Community Centre picture. I actually played in a band called 'The Motion Picture' on Friday 11th April 1969 at Woodhall, the booking coming through Ken Stevens Agency of Cambridge. We did the gig with a disco as support.
Two years later I was doing regular gigs in Letchworth in a harmony band 'Boomerang' through Harry Hatch (Bookaband Hatch) of Letchworth. Our band came from Ely so we a way to travel to the gigs, but the audiences were much more appreciative than I was used to.
Thanks for allowing me to talk about the old days but I had very happy memories of the area.

Best wishes & regards
Patrick Murphy, Cambridge

09 May 04

Hi, I came across this page by accident and thought I could add some useful information.  Geoff asked if anyone knew where George Bellamy was or what he's doing.  Well although the Tornados existed 20 years before I was even born I have become very aware of them through a modern British band called Muse.  The person in Muse responsible for string arrangements, music composition, song writing, guitar, piano, organ and singing is a guy called Matthew Bellamy. 
Matt Bellamy is George's son.  And I discovered a while ago that after a long leave of absence from music, George has returned to it as guitarist/singer in a band called Rough Terrain.
They have a website here:
Anyway hope this was useful.
SJ (Sarah-Lois Jamieson), Ireland

Sarah-Lois, thank you very much for this update . Dave Barber

Thursday, February 12, 2004 6:16 PM

Young David,

Just enjoying a browse on your website - what memories it brings, the lounge in the old house at the Ludwick Club!  How many bands did that place give birth to!!! The old place didn't meet its doom until the mid 80's when, after a huge effort to try to raise the money to renovate it I, in my capacity as Chairman of the management committee, had to agree to its demolition. It was probably the worst decision I ever had to make during that time, given the huge involvement that building had in so many young musicians lives.  I had hoped to turn it into a proper rehearsal room and recording studio but I couldn't get anyone interested, except Marty Wilde who offered some equipment from his studio in Knebworth, and no-one could help us with funds. So all we have left is memories.

Must correct you on one thing though.  In the early 60's, Friday nights was always at the Ludwick Club listening to the likes of Tony Rivers & the Castaways and Dean Ford and the Gaylords ( Tony went on to be one of Cliff Richards backing singers and Dean etc became the Marmalade)  Saturdays was the Hop and then back to the Ludwick on Sundays with the jukebox or local bands. The Bluesville 69 club started (as its name suggests) in 1969. You only mention Zeppelin in your write up, but there were a few other major bands of the time that appeared there, such as Taste (with Rory Gallagher), Spooky Tooth, and Family.
Hope you and the wife are both well, maybe see you around sometime.


Bob Downer, Welwyn Garden City

Thank you very much for the note Bob. Yes, many happy (and a few sad memories) to look back on. What a shame for the old Ludwick rehearsal rooms. We must meet up soon and catch up on the latest news. Dave Barber

Subject: Bob Barrett - Producer
Sent: Friday, January 30, 2004 4:25 PM

Terribly sad news that Bob has died. I had lunch with him in the summer of '03 when he told me he had less than a year to live with cancer, but what a shocker this is. A nice man and a great industry gent. Of course I'll do a tribute to him in SOTS, wonder if Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice know as he was their first producer ! Thanks Dave for letting me know, funny thing I only live a couple of miles from him and used to see him on the train most days. Very sad news and a great loss.

Roger Bowman. Producer BBC Radio 2 Sounds Of The Sixties
06 Dec 03
I enjoy looking at your updated web pages etc. Tomorrow night I am down the Plough & Harrow as the mentioned on your link pages with a mate to see John Verity the Rod Argent front man and 'WORLD Class Guitarist' so it'll be nice see you if you are there.

Best regards

Paul Calvey, Flitwick

I'll be there Paul. I look forward to seeing you. Dave Barber

06 Dec 03

Colin, How are you? I am so glad to have found your website. Hopeful that you'll be kind enough to spend a few minutes with me on the phone for my forthcoming book about the Bay City Rollers. "Bay City Babylon" is an exhaustive, well researched biography that tells their story from the humble beginnings at Tynecastle Secondary to their eventual breakup and aftermath.

The book includes commentary from most of the band members, Bill Martin, Clive Davis, Jimmy Ienner, Elton John, Dick Leahy, Sid Bernstien, Danny Fields, Jake Duncan, Phil Wainman, Emperor Rosko and many more.

Please let me know if you're up for a chat soon and what number I can reach you at. Thanks, in advance.

Wayne Coy, Daphne, Alabma

22 Nov 03

Iím interested in contacting Mr. LaVern; I met Roger back in the late 70ís when he and I worked in Mexico at the Hotel Hacienda de Cocyoc. Roger was the hotelís Director of Entertainment and also the main attraction, I worked at the front desk while going to school. I lost contact with Roger 22 years ago and would like to touch baseswith him once again. If at all possible I would ask that you forward this e-mail to Roger or if you could send me his contact information. Cordially,
Bill J Bouts, Zapata, Texas 78076

20 Nov 03

Hi there,
I was so pleased to discover your pages relating to Roger Laverne and his return to the recording studios and also to Clem Cattini. The 1962 recording of Telstar by the Tornados meant so much to me because it was such a different sound for it's days and actually inspired me and some of my mates to start up a group of our own. The group lasted only for a couple of years but we really did enjoy ourselves

I often wondered what happened to the Tornados. I knew that Heinz Bert had passed away back in 2000 but it was only through making a recent search that I discovered that Alan Caddy had also passed away about the same time. But where is George Bellamy?

Please pass on my best wishes to Mr. Laverne with his new CD.

Geoff, Todmorden
21 Jul 03

Subject: Re: Oh no, the pics are on the web!


How could you do this to me, I'm ruined!!!!

Richard Ashby, Stevenage UK

17 Jul 03

Dear friends at Coda,

Thank you so much for updating your Elaine Paige site. I must say, I visit there at least once a day to see if anything new is up. I love the family pictures, please tell Mr. Colin Frechter thank you for posting them. Have a wonderful day.

Portia, London, England and moving to NYC in October 2003 to go to an acting conservatory for theatre. We wish her every success.

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