Rick Shaw Retires - Photos From His Last Morning Show 11 May 2007

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Donna Davis and Rick Shaw.
Rick's last morning show is televised by CBS4. Click here to watch footage of CBS4 news coverage of Rick Shaw's last morning show with Donna Davis

CBS4's Yusila Ramirez (in rear) records some news footage while Donna Davis and Rick Shaw present the last Rick & Donna Morning Show on Majic 102.7. Click here to watch the CBS4 footage

Presenter Mindy Lang says goodbye to Rick Shaw and wishes him a wonderful retirement

Rick Shaw introduces the new presenter, Bruce Kelly (wearing orange shirt) to the Majic listeners while the TV cameras film the event

Rick Shaw says an emotional goodbye to his radio audience

Bruce Kelly takes the 'big chair' for the first time as Rick Shaw is interviewed by CBS4

The media have left the studio and Mindy Lang talks to Bruce Kelly as he concludes his first Morning Show

Back to normal as Mindy Lang prepares to start her 10am to 2pm show

More Rick Shaw Footage & Info from CBS4

Rick Shaw: Radio Legend

He holds a key place in South Florida radio history. Three generations grew up with Rick Shaw on the radio, but now, he's decided to bring almost half a century of doing daily radio programs to an end.
See his On-Air Good-Bye from Friday, May 11th video 1
See his On-Air Good-Bye from Friday, May 11th video 2
  See a tribute to Rick's early days in radio in South Florida

CBS4's Yusila Ramirez
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