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Attimore Hall School 1967

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The Coronation Fountain, Welwyn Garden City Town Centre. The fountain was built to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's coronation in 1952. The main entrance to the Howard Centre shopping complex is visible in the distance

View from Hunters Bridge. Waitrose Supermarket occupies the building that was formally the Cherry Tree Public House. Led Zeppelin performed here in 1971. For photos of the Cherry Tree click here.  




  Looking south along Stonehills. On the right of the picture stood the original WGC Police Station until the sixties. The fruit trees in what were it's back garden (yard) are still producing fruit. The department store on the right is Debenhams.




The rear garden of the original WGC Police Station now form a small, pretty park.     

  John Lewis department store was originally Welwyn Department Store. Both singer Donovan and lyricist Tim Rice worked here before they became famous.
The mother and baby department, John Lewis. Singer Donovan Leitch worked here when it was the Welwyn Department Store music department.  
  John Lewis department store, Stationery department. It is thought that this was formally the Welwyn Department Store hardware department. Tim Rice sold nails and bolts here before he became famous.

Howardsgate (south side). WGC Town Centre has six charity shops (good will stores). Cancer Research and Help The Aged (Help The Seniors) are either side of Prontaprint print shop.


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