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The Howard Centre, main entrance. This shopping Centre (Mall) is named after the founder of Welwyn Garden City, Ebenezer Howard.

The Howard Centre shopping centre.  




  The Howard Centre shopping centre.




The northern entrance to The Howard Centre shopping centre. As in all UK cities a woman can be seen in the right of the photograph selling 'The Big Issue' newspaper     

  Howardsgate, looking west towards the Coronation Fountain.
Fretherne Road.  
  Campus West, The Campus. This complex contains a theatre/cinema, roller skating rink 'Roller City', library, ticket box office, Council meeting chamber and function rooms. The council tried to organise dances in the ballroom, but as it wasn't profitable it was converted into a chamber for public council meetings. The large long stay town centre car park is to the left of this building.

Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council Offices, The Campus. Up until the late nineties council residents came here to pay their rent and rates. The cash desks were removed when paying all bills with cash ended. The erection on the roof of the building is possibly housing for solar panels.


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