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  Former Hatfield Lad Tim Rice Remembers His Friend From Hatfield

Barbara Bedwell who assists at Douglas Tilbe House, Hall Grove, Welwyn Garden City, is often found at the senior citizen daycare centre singing and calling the bingo.

Barbara assisted in the The Rice household when the family lived in the Ellenbrooks area of Hatfield during the 50's and 60's.

Mrs Bedwell remembers the Rice's home with fondness. The upstairs of the house wasn't horizontal and to compensate bricks had been placed under one side of Tim Rice's bed.

Tim's mother was a member of the 'Women's Institute' and would often take Barbara to her meetings. Barbara remembers attending one meeting, where she stood in front of the institute members, while being dressed by Mrs Rice in different oriental clothes and shoes.

Tim hasn't forgotten his former house keeper, and sent to her a note with his best wishes. The note was presented to her at The Douglas Tilbe House by local entertainer Dave Barber.

Barbara Bedwell with her note from Tim Rice.





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